Help shape the independence movement

Hi, I'm Tommy Sheppard MP and I need your help.

I’m hoping you’ll contribute your ideas and your energy to help take forward the case for an independent Scotland.

The Yes movement’s greatest strengths are our vibrancy and depth of talent. We’re all united in our belief that decisions made here in Scotland, not for us at Westminster, offer the best future for our country.

So while the Scottish Government gets on with the job of delivering the best public services in the UK… and is doing everything it can do to create a fairer country in which to live, work and raise a family…  you know that we NEED the powers of independence to make Scotland the country we all know it can be.

Now, I need your help; please take a few minutes to complete the questions below. And share the website link via social media and with your friends and family.

We’ll be back in touch with the next steps.

Thanks for watching. Scotland’s future is in your hands.